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Mick Purves

Mick Purves

On Drums. Mid Town Mick.... The Man With The Stick

The Sugar B's second co founder. Mick Purves is a rockin' percussionist with bags of experience. Mr Purves began gigging in the mid eighties and is a familiar and well-known figure in the band scene of his Hartlepool hometown. Mick's drumming is solid and reliable, if only the same could be said of his drum kit! (only kidding).

He is a special aficionado of the British blues scene, bands such as Cream, Fleetwood Mac, The Pretty Things, Yardbirds, and Taste have provided his influences. Mick deserves credit for getting the band together, and sticking with it through some setbacks.

Mick always looks shagged out on stage, and he mostly is.

Previous Bands Include:Preacher & The Revolvers.