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Terry Park

Terry Park

On 4 & 5-string Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals - Terry 'The Lock' Park

Terry played his first gig with the band Revival in October 2003, at a concert organised for Hartlepool Hospice. He borrowed his brothers 1976 Antoria Soundmaster bass (which he subsequently bought and which his brother wants to buy back - but he can't have it back) some 4 or 5 months earlier in order to learn a bit to jam at the blues club. Whilst playing with Revival he also helped form the 12 Bar Blues Band. He has also played with the Deckatones as the 'house band' at Hartlepool Blues Club'. But the Bs are certainly the bees knees as far as he's concerned.
Never ever played an 'ordinary' guitar - has no interest in doing so - bass is his thing and what he listens for in any music.
He bought an acoustic upright bass which is so different and exciting (organic he calls it) albeit tireing and challenging to play - still learning that one. One day maybe with the Bs?!
He has a collection of 9 basses altogether plus 3 different amp/speaker rigs.
In addition to The Sugar Bs, Terry also plays with The Auld Suitcase Band.
Influences: Willie Dixon (I'm Nervous is fabulous!!), Paul McCartney, Lee Rocker, Leo Lyons, Jack Bruce, Sting, Bill Wyman, John Deacon, blues and R&B (the real one) in general.