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Date Listed: December 07 2017 00:15am

Check out our just-released gig diary for 2018 - we're going to be all over the North East next year! We're waiting to for more dates to be confirmed and will add them as soon as the details are finalised.


Date Listed: October 19 2017 00:11am

Earlier in 2017, Tony needed to take a break from gigging and the band brought in Damian 'Damo' Wilkinson on guitar to fulfill existing bookings.  Tony subsequently decided to retire from active service with The Sugar B's, to focus on another project - The Auld Suitcase Band - a modern variation of a skiffle band. He is joined by Neil Turner and Sugar B bandmates Terry and Mick, both of whom will also continue to play with The Sugar Bs. Check out their facebook page: .

We wish Tony and The Auld Suitcase Band every success - cos half of us are playing in it! Tony is also highly likely to be making guest appearances with The Bs in the future and will also be seen ripping up the fretboard at blues jams around the North-East. We'd like to officially welcome Damo into the hive and look forward to many more years of rockin' and buzzin' 

On Guitar and vocals..... He's got the Blues in His Shoes! It's always advisable to have at least one musician in your band. Guitar virtuoso Tony Kramer has filled that role since the beginning of the Bs. Co-founder of the band, accomplished guitarist and vastly experienced musician. Tony studied classical piano and was a member of the school orchestra until discovering the guitar and the Rolling Stones at age eleven.

From that moment on Mr & Mrs Kramer's dreams of seeing young Anthony on Stage with the London Philharmonic were doomed to disappointment. Hailing from London Town, but resident in Hartlepool for more than 40 years.

Several Sugar Bs gigs have seen a clique of aspiring young guitar heroes admiring Tony's work on the fret-board. As well as being a guitar ace Tony is also dead good with wires, leads, knobs and stuff, altogether a useful bloke to have around. Incidentally, Tony only looks fed up on stage, he's having a ball really, honest!

And there's no truth in the rumour that he is Whisperin' Bob Harris's long lost brother ! (Look at the photo's HA HA)

Previous Bands Include: Beau Jangle, March Hare, Avocado & Memories

Influences Include: Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Chck Berry, John Mayall, The Stones and Jimi Hendrix. But Mr Kramer is no mere copyist, as his inventive and exciting playing consistently proves.

Equipment: Tony's guitars include; 1976 Kimbara Strat, Marlin Loner, Italia Maranello, Shine 335, Shine Strat and a Freshman Acoustic. All played through his latest aquisition an Egnater Renegade 2x12 combo. Check out his home made yellow guitar!


Date Listed: January 18 2017 16:34pm

A new year and some new gigs. Check out our gig guide.

A new era for The B's

Date Listed: August 05 2016 22:59pm

Well off we go - The Merlin on 6th August. Just the start of an exciting time for the B's. A new line up, new songs and a new singer. Claire Vassallo is joining us on stage for the first time and it's gonna be great. Hope you can all get there. In the meantime there is a taster on our audio player to get you ready for more to come. See you soon.

Claire Vassallo

Date Listed: July 21 2016 15:16pm

Pleased to announce that Claire Vassallo will be joining us in August for the first time. The Sugar B's have undergone a massive revamp due to John Hand no longer being with us also. John has other fish to fry and we wish him all the best in the future. In the meantime we are rehearsing like crazy and we are sure you'll all enjoy our new line-up. We would also like to thank John Robson and Jonny Wright for standing in on vocals while we are getting ourselves organised. Come and see us at a gig near you, Check out gig guide for details.

The Great British R n B Festival 2015

Date Listed: June 02 2015 12:28pm

Great news - We've started booking venues at Colne in August (See gig guide)

First gig in is The Union Exchange - More to follow

Harland Place

Date Listed: April 01 2015 23:19pm

Apologies to everyone that planned to come to the Harland Place gig on 5th April. Unfortunately due to a mix up we are unable to play there but there is a fab band - the sticklebacks - standing in at short notice.


Date Listed: November 09 2014 21:22pm

The 2015 gig guide is now available for viewing. It'll help you plan your holidays around coming to see your favourite band. That way you won't miss a gig near you.

Howie Scarbrough

Date Listed: October 27 2014 10:25am

There you go guys Jonny has left the hive and been replaced by a new "Queen" Howie Scarbrough. We have had a fabulous 2 night debut with Howie and if you want to know why then get along to the next gig near you. (see gig guide)

Jonny Wright

Date Listed: October 06 2014 19:17pm

Well, that's it. Jonny has performed his last public gig and what a gig it was. the Tyne Bar at Newcastle. A great turn out for him. It's onwards and upwards for the B's now. More rehearsals, recording and photo shoots as well as getting the word out there that The B's are coming. Get yourself to a gig near you.

New Frontman

Date Listed: September 24 2014 23:16pm

Hi Guys

Rehearsals are going well with out new frontman Howie. We are looking forward to the first gigs with him on 25th October at Billingham Catholic Club and 26th at The Causeway Hartlepool. A bit of a baptism with fire as they are borth favourite gigs of ours but I'm sure he'll do well and wow the audiences.

Our new singer

Date Listed: September 08 2014 21:40pm

Introducing Howie Scarbrough as The Sugar B's latest recruit. As you may be aware Jonny has had to resign due to work and family comittments and we are pleased to announce that Howie is our new frontman. A new photo-shoot is being arranged and recording will start soon for our new CD.

Good luck to Jonny in his future endeavours.


Date Listed: August 22 2014 00:40am

What a fabulous night that was. It was a sell out show and raised £1065.71 for RNLI.

Next years show is already being planned and we would love to be part of it again.

Thanks to all that came along and special thanks to Michelle Mclean for her two wonderful sets and The Fabulous Trainspotters for a guest appearance.

See you all next year.


Date Listed: August 22 2014 00:37am

We've finished auditions for a new frontman for the B's and have chosen our next victim. Announcements will be made soon but meanwhile keep watching and listening for the new B's.


Date Listed: February 23 2014 21:35pm

This show is now SOLD OUT. Should be a great night for a very worthy cause, and of course it's in memory of one of Hartlepools top guitarists, Ken Mclean.


Date Listed: February 15 2014 20:37pm

A charity fund raiser for the lifeboats has been organised. It is being organised by the family of Kenny Mclean.

Kenny, who died on 27th December 2013, was a friend of The Sugar B's and stood in on bass several times when we needed him. He was an honorary "B".

The show will take place on 16th August at Hartlepool Supporters Club.

Also featured that night will be Kenny's daughter Michelle who is a beautiful singer and will be coming down from Scotland to appear that night.

Tickets are £3:00 at the club. 

January 2014

Date Listed: January 17 2014 20:30pm

Well - Here we are another year and more importantly another year of fabulous music.

Gigs are mounting up so keep an eye on the gig guide to make sure you don't miss a gig near you. There are some new venues so that's always exciting for us.

Say hello when you come to see us - we like to see who our fans are.

Cancelled gig

Date Listed: December 09 2013 23:03pm

Bad news about one of our favourite gigs. The Kings at Crook has been stopped from having live music because of one complaint from a nearby resident. 

Seems a shame that yet another live music venue has disappeared. 

Luckily for us Tommy Wormold has come to the rescue and we will be playing at The Belle View  Club Hartlepool instead. there are several acts on so details will follow but guaranteed to be a terrific night.

We will post details as soon as they are available and look forward to seeing you there.


Date Listed: December 05 2013 14:39pm

Well - there you go. 2013 nearly over and what a year it's been. the best year for the B's yet. Thank you for all the good times we've had with you all and see you in 2014. Gig guide has just been uploaded for next year. Plenty of other gigs to be confirmed so keep an eye on it.

John Robson

Date Listed: October 14 2013 00:36am

  • What a great gig in The Causeway in Hartlepool today. What a pleasure also to see our old singer Mr John Robson. He popped in for a quick visit.
Corrections and apologies

Date Listed: September 06 2013 16:28pm

A couple of gigs have been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances (20th September and 5th October) so apologies for that but it was out of our control. 

Missed a couple of mentions in last months newsletter. We woould like to thank Andie and Damien for they're timeless help moving our equipment 10 times in two days at Colne R & B Festival and also Gary Grainger (of Bishop fm The Blues Show fame) for allowing us to appear on his program a couple of weeks ago. We really enjoyed it and it was great to allow listeners into the past antics of The B's. The radio program will be on this site sometime soon so if you missed it have a listen. It's a potted history of The Sugar B's from beginning to end.


Date Listed: September 01 2013 18:31pm

We have been asked on frequent occasions where we got our ties with The Sugar B logo on. We have designed them ourselves and are available through a web site called along side some other Sugar B merchandise like cups and tankards, badges, fridge magnets etc.

Have a look and help The B's survive.


Date Listed: September 01 2013 18:17pm

Well Guys and Gals what an amazing month August has been. We can honestly say it has probaly been the best month in the history of The B's.

Kicked off with a great gig at the Star in Newcastle with two outdoor festivals (Rock the Lass and the Not Guilty Rally) that same weekend, our always reliable venue at Osbournes in Yarm and then on to Colne for The Great British R & B Festival. We had three gigs in Colne when we set out but ended up playing five gigs in two days. We reckon on around seven hours playing time and loading and unloading the van ten times.  Thanks to all in Colne - The Duke of Lancaster, The Craic in the wall, The Derby, The Union Exchange and last but definitely not least The Venue.

The last weekend saw us in The Kings and then on to the Bloozeburn Special at The Tyne Bar, the latter was our first time and we hope not our last. What a fabulous reception. Words cannot describe an audience like them. A perfect end to August.

You should all give yourselves a round of applause because you are the reason we do this.

There are some cracking photos on facebook and we'll post some on here shortly. Thanks to Andie and Amanda for those brilliant shots.

September here we come. CHECK OUT THE GIG GUIDE.

1st weekend in August

Date Listed: August 05 2013 15:59pm

What a fabulous weekend we have just taken part in.

After having a break in July we kicked off with a tremendous night in The Star at Newcastle.

Saturday saw us with two gigs. 

The first was a fundraising gig for Northeast Air Ambulance at The Yorkshire Lass in New Marske. Thanks to all the organisers for making that a great day and we're looking forward to seeing photos and finding out how much was raised.

Onwards then to Fir Tree (near Crook) for the Not Guilty Bikers Rally (Wanderers MCC). Amazing is all we can say about that. Thanks for inviting us guys and we hope we are invited back next year.

The Station Billingham

Date Listed: July 22 2013 23:01pm

Apologies to everyone who turned up to see us at The Station Billingham. Due to circumstances beyond our control the venue had double booked that night. Luckily it doesn't happen very often.


Date Listed: June 14 2013 16:18pm

Lots of new gigs in the pipe-line this year. Keep an eye on our gig guide as it seems to be changing by the minute.

Mobile App

Date Listed: May 01 2013 23:01pm

We'll keep up with technology if it kills us in the process. Some of us haven't got long to go so better hurry up I suppose.

Get our mobile app

Go to

or scan the QR code on our home page and keep up with our latest news and gigs and videos and so much more.

Gig change

Date Listed: April 03 2013 17:27pm

In case you haven't checked our gig guide lately - there is a change to the gig at 12, Harland Place. It has been moved to the following week 5th May. A bank holiday so no getting up for work next day.


Date Listed: March 14 2013 13:44pm

Keep your eye on our gig guide. It's changing all the time. Don't want you to miss out on a gig near you.


Date Listed: March 09 2013 18:04pm

3 new videos uploaded. We recorded these at The Grand in Bishop Auckland with the help of Adam and Claire of New Breed Films.

Back to gigging

Date Listed: March 02 2013 21:01pm

Oh well. We didn't get through to the final of New Brunswick Battle of the Blues but we had a great time trying. Roll on next year.

Meanwhile back to reality and gigging. March is busy (see gig guide) so come and see us.

Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on twitter to see what we are up to.

New Brunswick Battle of the Blues

Date Listed: January 30 2013 12:38pm

Just a little over a week to go to the Redcar heat of the New Brunswick Battle of the Blues.

The Band are really looking forward to it. It'll be a great night of live music.

Of course there will only be one winner but it's the taking part isn't it???

Keep your fingers crossed that The B's succeed but good luck to everyone.



Date Listed: January 30 2013 12:33pm

Yep. We finally joined the 21st Century. Find us @thesugarbs

The Weather

Date Listed: January 25 2013 22:53pm

Well it finally happened - The Sugar B's and the weather had a conflict.

Unfortunately the weather got the better of us as the venue had access problems and not only could we not get into the car park but neither could the dray so it was a pub with no beer. We hate cancelled gigs but it could not be helped but we have made a return booking at The Ox Stanley for 7th June. Shouldn't be any snow then should there??????

Saltburn Blues Club

Date Listed: January 18 2013 14:31pm

Get yourselves along to Saltburn on 19th January. It's a great line-up to help support the club. Starts at 2pm - we're on at 5pm. Come and help support this great venue. It's The Spa in Saltburn - for details visit


Date Listed: December 03 2012 19:39pm




Date Listed: November 16 2012 23:15pm

Unfortunately the Shildon gig with Larry Miller on 18th November has been postponed until next year. Great shame but these things happen.


Date Listed: September 04 2012 18:34pm

The music world has lost one of it's favourite singers.

Maggie Ross has passed away after a short illness.

She carried on singing right to the end as only she knew how.

You will be missed Maggie.


"There'll be nee tits in the tent tonight"

Date Listed: August 30 2012 22:36pm

Those immortal words will ring in our ears for a long time to come.

Barnard Castle Truck Show was our venue. Sunday night on our way home from

The Great British R & B Festival (Colne) we had a gig in the beer tent at above show.

In between our sets was to be MISS WET T-SHIRT. Hmmm I hear you say.

£100 - £50 and £25 prize money - a princely sum is it not.

Obviously the girls of Barnard Castle aren't that hard up or are too reserved but there was only one entrant so the magnificent contest was not to be = hence the immortal words spoken by our compare "There'll be nee tits in the tent tonight"

I wonder if they ran it on Monday???

An excellent end to a brilliant weekend for us at Colne.

Barnard Castle Truck Show

Date Listed: August 19 2012 20:35pm

We're pleased to announce that we have an extra gig on the way home from Colne R & B Festival . We have been asked to play at Barnard Castle Truck Show (26th August). We'll see you in the beer tent.

Bishop fm live session

Date Listed: August 15 2012 20:24pm

Many thanks to Gary Grainger and Alan Walton for a fab time on last Sundays (12th August) Blues Show.

If you missed it you can catch up on    -   Thursday from 2 till 4pm and Friday 6 till 8am.

Some highlights will be in our audio player when ready.  You can also listen to the whole show on Gary's Blog at . Once again thanks Gary. Look forward to doing the gig with you on 5th October with Aynsley Lister.

BISHOP fm 105.9

Date Listed: August 15 2012 09:43am

Big thanks to Gary Grainger for letting us onto his Sunday Blues Show on Bishop fm. We had a great time.

4th August gig.

Date Listed: July 29 2012 23:51pm

Our original gig on the 4th August was cancelled due to venue problems but we are pleased to say that it has been replaced by another gig this time at The Colliery Inn Crook. Come along and help celebrate Christians Birthday.


VIDEO SHOOT @ The Catholic Club Billingham

Date Listed: July 29 2012 23:48pm

Well - That's it. We have made a video for our new demo. Gonna take a few weeks to sort it out. Bit of a technical hitch during the live filming but I'm sure it will be sorted.

Many thanks to Adam and Clare for their patience.

Cancelled Gig

Date Listed: July 13 2012 22:36pm

Unfortunately the 4th August  gig at Wolsingham Club with Gary Grainger has been cancelled. It seems the club may be in difficulty. This is more and more common so please make sure you support your local venue.


Date Listed: July 12 2012 15:37pm

Great news for all our fans and future fans. You can now subscribe to our email newsletter which will give you up to date news on our gigs month by month - how cool is that. We are testing it at the moment but sign up and let us know how we are doing please.

Just fill in short form on left of page. Look forward to hearing from you


Date Listed: July 06 2012 21:25pm

The B's are in the process of recording a new demo so when you come to see us make as much noise as you can to give the recordings some atmosphere.

Check out our new studio track The House of the Rising Sun - just click Audio.

Shildon Civic Hall

Date Listed: June 16 2012 23:07pm

Two dates now confirmed for Shildon Civic Hall

5th October with Aynsley Lister

18th November (all day festival) with Larry Miller

Colne R & B Festival

Date Listed: June 16 2012 23:05pm

Two dates now confirmed at the Great British R & B Festival in Colne (see gig guide)

Look forward to seeing you there - come and say hello

Queens Jubilee

Date Listed: May 31 2012 18:09pm

Come and join us at The Station Billingham on Monday afternoon as part of the Queens Diamond JubileeCElebrations. Weather permitting we'll be outside.

BIshop 105.9 fm

Date Listed: May 16 2012 16:34pm

 Gary Grainger has very kindly asked us back onto Bishop fm 105.9  to play some live music during his Sunday Blues show(6 till 8pm) on Sunday August 12th. Check it out it's an excellent show which came runner up to Paul Jones in the British BluesAwards 2011 and he is nominated again in the Independant Broadcasters Award 2012 so please make sure you support Gary by going to and votingstarts May 31st. GOOD LUCK Gary.

GARY is also sharing the stage with us at Wolsingham Club on 4th August (see our gig guide) when he will opening the night.

Fir Tree Wingate

Date Listed: May 16 2012 16:15pm

The Firtree (Wingate) is to shut so please note our gig on 1st September is now cancelled.

It's a shame to see yet another music venue disappearing but until the government take action to stop us all losing what little contact we have with each other at venues and pubs there is the likeliehood  of this situation getting worse.

Make sure you all support live music or it will soon disappear forever. 

Shildon Civic Hall

Date Listed: May 15 2012 17:23pm

Great gig coming up in September. The rest of the line-up and date are yet to be confirmed but rest assured The Sugar B's will be there.

We're all looking forward to it

Gig Guide Update

Date Listed: May 15 2012 16:00pm

Check out the new gigs this year. Many are new venues for the B's

COLNE R & B Festival

Date Listed: April 30 2012 15:56pm

Been to Colne this weekend and trailed around the fringe for some gigs at The Great British R & B Festival.

We are already booked at The Union Exchange for Sunday 26th August.  

Early days yet but it's looking good for a couple more gigs. (Keep an eye on our gig guide or Facebook page)

Make sure you come and say hello to us.

Re-arranged gig

Date Listed: April 30 2012 15:52pm

October gig at Billingham Catholic Club moved to 17th November

Great British R & B Festival

Date Listed: April 07 2012 22:05pm

Great news (for us). We've got into Colne R & B Festival this year.

So far we are booked at Union Exchange and we are looking for other venues as well. Keep an eye on here for news.

For those of you that have never been to Colne - WHY NOT!!!

Takes place Bank Holiday weekend in August. See you there.

Colne R & B Festival

Date Listed: March 14 2012 20:43pm

Keep your eye on the site.

There's a good chance we'll be appearing at Colne this year and we'll keep you up to date with venues etc.


Date Listed: March 01 2012 20:04pm

Check out our gig list. It's up to date as of 14th  March

The Sugar B's

Date Listed: February 21 2012 21:01pm

Got a couple of gigs under our belt with Jonny wright and things are going well.

Gigs are flying in. Gig list will be updated ASAP. Keep an eye on whats going on.

 Get yourselves along to Redcar R & B Club on Saturday 25th February. Gonna be a rockin night with Guy Tortora.

Photos and rehearsals

Date Listed: January 03 2012 15:10pm

Well here we are another year and this time another singer.

Jonny Wright is getting into the swing of things and rehearsals are well under way.

Photo shoot is completed for the time being - more photos will be added at a later date.

Introducing JONNY WRIGHT

Date Listed: December 26 2011 14:30pm

After much sole searching and deliberation we have finally chosen our new FRONTMAN.

His name is JONNY WRIGHT and hails from Crook.

Rehearsals are under way and will be intense so that we are road-ready ASAP.

Replacement Singer

Date Listed: December 11 2011 00:42am

Auditions have taken place for a new singer for the band.

Announcements will be made shortly.

Watch this space.

Replacement Singer

Date Listed: November 30 2011 00:21am

Still a bit of time left if you want to be John Robsons replacement. It'll be a hard act to follow but there is someone out there. Contact us through our contact tab or Tony on


The B's are back in town

Date Listed: November 06 2011 17:27pm

Not long till we start gigging again after John Hands vacation to exotic parts of the world.

18th Nov The Penny Black at Stockton and 19th Billingham Catholic Club always a favourite of ours.

Check the gig guide for the rest of this year.


Date Listed: September 25 2011 17:34pm

Just working on our latest video recorded LIVE at The Cleveland Bay in Yarm.

Keep checking. I'll post it as soon as it is ready.


The holiday is over

Date Listed: August 23 2011 00:17am

That's it Summer's all but finished and The B's start gigging all over again. Couple of private gigs and then we play

Peterlee Carnival on Sat 3rd September. We're on 2nd so get there a bit earlier and come and say Hello.

Hartlepool Town Hall Gig

Date Listed: July 26 2011 15:58pm

Check out our latest video. Part of a presentation by Elwick Academy "Lady Of The Dance". This Hartlepool Town Hall show was in memory of Freda Compton who died last year and taught many of the local children to dance. Many of her ex pupils got together to put on this amazing show. The full video can be obtained from 07531188252.

Bishop fm 26.06.11

Date Listed: June 28 2011 19:10pm

What a gig. Can we say  a  big Thanks to Gary for his help on Sunday. The B's enjoyed the show so much they'd love to do it again sometime. Check out the download page for videos from the show or listen on-line at

Bishop fm

Date Listed: June 21 2011 21:59pm

Don't forget this Sunday 26th June we will be playing LIVE on Gary Graingers Blues Show on Bishop fm.We're all looking forward to it.

Have a listen. It's a terrific program and Gary has been nominated for a British Blues Award this year so visit and make sure you vote for your favourites.

The B's go acoustic

Date Listed: June 03 2011 13:39pm

We are currently rehearsing an acoustic set which will be played live on Gary Grainger's Blues show from 6 till 8pm on 26th June on 105.9 Bishop fm

Here's a link to the site

There's also a track from the set on our audio player.